Sam Bass Enterprises


Thank you for visiting the Sam Bass website. We appreciate all the support and caring that has been sent our way over the past several months. Sam’s legacy will be preserved through ongoing work to make his original art and personal collection available to the public and to keep in touch with Sam’s worldwide base of fans, collectors, supporters, and friends. We intend to remain a part of NASCAR and motorsports and are also looking forward to efforts in service to those struggling with Kidney Disease, Diabetes, and Sepsis.

We will be actively managing social media and keeping in touch through facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Our Social Media is presently @sambassartist

If you are interested in contacting us please do so via social media or through the contact form here on the website.

If you have a question about art you may have purchased in the secondary market such as E-Bay, Antique Shops, Other collectors, Websites, etc. Please go ahead and use the contact us form here on the website and we will be glad to help you out.

We are going to be working hard to preserve Sam’s Legacy and protect the brand he worked so hard to build.  If you have any questions about the veracity of organizations using the Sam Bass Brand, fundraising efforts, or other types of events, please let us know. All of our officially sanctioned efforts will generally be promoted through our own social media, or this website.

THANK YOU again for all the love support and kindness it means the world to us and is a true reflection of Sam’s positive impact on so many people and our sport.